Thursday, November 29, 2012

NYPD - Times Square

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I took my family to New York to see the parade, shop in Times Square and enjoy the city. 

My daughters remind me often that every time we come to New York / Times Square, I comment on how "tourist friendly" the police are.  I often say, I wonder if Ray Kelly, New York City Police Commissioner since 2002, requires the cops in Times Square to go to "hospitality class."  The cops in Times Square are of a different mind set than most police officers you meet in big cities.

In the media today, we seem to focus on the cops that do bad things, instead of the cops that do kind things, go out of their way to help a tourist and treat tourist as they are the customer of the city.

Today while I was putting together a few pictures of my trip to New York, I came across an article about a NYPD officer named Lawrence DePrimo, who was on counterterrorism duty in Times Square, saw the older homeless man without shoes sitting on 42nd Street. DePrimo, 25, left and then returned with a pair of boots he bought at a nearby store for the homeless man.

This wasn't an act of kindness by a police officer, it was an act of kindness by a human being who happens to be a police officer.  People often say, there are good cops and bad cops, the truth is, there are good people and bad people, some of which are in law enforcement.
I am not sure where the credit goes for the way the cops in Times Square treat the tourist, but it shows that even in a large city with millions of tourist passing through every day, these cops can do their job, keep the peace and still be respectful to their fellow man.
When I speak to large groups about Life Coaching and personal development, I remind everyone, regardless if they are in public service, working at Wal-Mart or selling cars, your actions, each and every one, even if very small, go a long way in someones life.  You may not always be recognized for your actions, but you can and will make a difference in someones life.
For Officer DePrimo, you have my best wishes this holiday season.

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