Thursday, November 29, 2012

Its Time To Believe

I watch a lot of news, I travel all over the country and I see the good and the bad.  Life has its ups and downs, setbacks and achievements but at the end of the day, we can focus on the good or the bad.

Now that the election process is behind us, we are faced with an economy that is struggling, but we are surviving.  As I read the paper and on line, you can see everything from murders, killings, rapes, robberies and the damage from Hurricane Sandy.  That is where "Believe" comes in.

You can face the problems of society head on and then focus on the good.  Life will always bring us tragedy, problems and challenges, but in the holiday season, people start to believe, they start to have a mindset that "all is good" and that we need to watch out for our fellow man. 

From helping others, to politicians becoming "real."  I just noticed where Vice President Joe Biden shopped at Costco yesterday.  Just like you and me, ( except for the secret service all around him) but it made him appear "real."

We are faced with war, with people who don't understand one another and think weapons and bombs are the answer.  Imagine if everyone in the world would just think about life, about respect for mankind and all wars would be resolved around a conference table.  Imagine what a different world that would be.

I believe that someday, we will grow, develop and understand one another so much better, that everyone will learn to treat their neighbors with such acceptance and respect, that we will become "one."  When that happens, imagine using our resources in a positive way, instead of in a negative way.

In this holiday season, I think these balloons sum up where we all need to start on this personal development / personal growth journey, we just need to believe it can happen.

Happy Holidays.


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